Friday, June 09, 2006

Where does the time go!

I can´t beleive it´s been a week since I last posted!! Doesen´t time fly when you´re having fun!! I´ve had a really busy week and the weather has been fabulous so I haven´t spent much time indoors.

The good thing about being busy is you don´t have too much time to think about what you´re eating. Although there is a downside to having to be out of the house a lot. That is deciding what you are going to eat when you are faced with the choice of all those lovely restaurants in the shopping centers. Will it be KFC, BurgerKing.....or maybe some TexMex........and then when you go to the Cafe to have a nice coffee to recharge your batteries................Oh My God!! All those delicious cakes just begging to be picked........pick me..pick me...says the most delicious cream cake....hahahahahaha!!

That´s the good thing about taking the Hoodia Pills. You really don´t feel hungry at all, so you can shop till you drop without thinking about filling up. And even if you are tempted to indulge yourself, you will find that you just can´t finish what you order! You will feel full half way through and won´t be able to force those final mouthfuls in at all!

It really doesn´t feel like being on a diet. And you don´t have to bore everyone to death with the details of the latest know how it goes "I´m allowed to have sausages but no bread....blah blah blah!!"

Get yourself off that Fad Diet Treadmill right now!! Try Hoodia yourself and change the way you diet forever!

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