Thursday, June 15, 2006

Visiting Friends

What do you do when you are visiting a friends house and they make food that you wouldn´t normally eat??

We have friends that we visit every couple of weeks and spend a few hours at their house, and Maria usually spends most of that time in the kitchen making us something to eat. So it would seem rude to refuse! But I sit there listening to the food being FRIED ( and smell the greasy smell) and just know I will have to eat some of it at least.........ugh! And they never have any diet drinks so I usually ask for water. But she knows I like lemon sodas so she buys them especially for me and I try to make one can last me for the day - just imagining all those calories heading straight for my hips!!

Oh well, can´t help it.....we have to be sociable.

But on the plus side of life...there is a new Thai/Japanese Restaurant just opened in our town. The menu is great - full of my favourites, and it is a good healthy way to have a meal out without worrying about calories.................until we hit the Wine List.....but that´s another

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diet dilemma magmem stlye said...

Hi kirkout, welcome new kid on the block. I have a wedding to lose for also in a couple of months. I have been struggling for a very long time with the same type of problems. It will always be a battle. I see some progress in the sheer fact that we know we should change our eating habits, we want to do it, we look for support, and become informed about the healthiest way to go about it. I was not good today at the bar-b-cue celebration but there is always the power to make up for it. I will be vigilant the rest of the day, cut back tomorrow, and add more activity the next day. Find what works for you and be consistant. God Bless you. Good luck in your journey of losing weight.

kirkout said...


Thanks for those words of encouragement!

It´s funny really, we KNOW what we have to do to lose weight and keep it off - but we don´t have enough willpower to carry through for long periods of time.

Although the Hoodia Pills I am taking are a Godsend! I find I am nowhere near as hungry, so I don´t fill myself up with rubish like I used to do.