Monday, May 29, 2006

Here´s another article I found

I found this one on the site where I get my Hoodia Pills - hance the mention of the brand name.

How to recognize a bad diet when you see one

Diets come a dime a dozen and that’s the truth. From food plans based on scientific research, to the latest harebrained idea launched by some “this summer’s wonder” doctor and backed by the earnest efforts of Hollywood stars always on the quest for keeping thin, the world is full of diets. The latest big thing to hit the dieting market is Hoodia Gordonii, an African plant that has the astonishing property of curing hunger pangs. A bit of Hoodia and you can go on without eating for days and be no worse for the wear. It’s amazing things like these that make the dieting world interesting.

What most diets and dieting professionals are good for is to pronounce solemnly “Don’t eat this” or “Don’t eat that”. Talk being extremely cheap for the one who does the talking, it can nevertheless be made expensive for those ready to do the hearing. Always be careful about what diets let you eat and what they don’t. Diet or no diet, your body needs certain nutrients and minerals on a daily basis and any diet that keeps you from getting them is no good. Your mind also needs to blow off steam once in a while. So do yourself a pleasure and eat a forbidden food every now and then. Sure it’s banned, but you are also human and, if such things are kept on a careful check, then they won’t make any difference in the long run.

The second pillar of any good diet is exercise. The only way to lose weight without exercising is by resorting to surgery. Otherwise, fat must be lost the natural way: by using it up through extra effort. Exercising has the combined benefits of burning up fat and strengthening your entire body. On the physical side, the heart and circulatory system are the prime beneficiaries of exercising, with the muscle mass coming in second. On the psychological side, your outlook on life and your mood will improve with the effort. You will also be able to withstand stress and pressure better. With so many benefits, it’s a wonder that many people don’t take the trouble to exercises on a regular basis.

This is why we are proposing you a combination of herbal pills and exercises that is practically guaranteed to help you shed those excess pounds fast. The ProShape rx pills are 100 percent natural and contain the powerful ingredients Hoodia, which curbs the feeling of hunger, White Kidney Bean, for disrupting the conversion of starch to sugar, Chitosan, which prevents the absorption of cholesterol and White Willow, to metabolize fat. These ingredients and the comprehensive program of exercises will have you reach your target weight in no time at all. Order ProShape rx today and make the first step toward a healthier life.

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It´s just another manic Monday!

I was out for the day yesterday at an International Food Fair. There was food tasting from loads of different countries - so I couldn´t be rude and not try some of that delicious food that had been prepared, now could I??

I had all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff including cow heart skewers with a luminescient green chilli sauce (it was good....really!) to Jamon Serrano to Scottish Shortbread and Pancakes.

Then to end off the day we went to a Mexican Restaurant to eat. I just couldn´t resist the dessert of Banana Taquito with chocolate Icecream....................oh noooooooooooo!!!

So today I am taking it easy and letting the Hoodia Pills do the work of keeping me away from indulging myself too much.

I didn´t weigh myself today for fear of what I would find. So I hope to be pleasantly surprised tomorow...................fingers (and everything else) crossed!! I´m going for a swim now to get some greatly needed exercise.

Till tomorrow.........hasta luego.

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

It´s going to be a busy weekend!

So I won´t have much time for posting.....but look out for an update and more advice on Monday!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Here comes the weekend

The weekend is always the worst time for any diet I´m on. Trying to resist the urge to treat myself because it´s the end of the week - well, it seems like a good excuse for a treat!

But with the Hoodia pills taking the edge of my hunger I don´t have to worry so much. If I´m not hungry I don´t go into the kitchen so much.....ergo: less temptation!

So I can look forward to the weekends more now and not face them with dread that yet another diet will be broken by

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Things to avoid when trying to lose weight

I found this list while surfing weight loss sites - some good advice here!

Things to avoid when trying to lose weight

Dieting is not always easy. In fact, it can prove a tough challenge for many people. So here’s a little guide to avoiding things that could make you lose control and start eating. Avoid them like plague if you wish to succeed.

1. Don’t rush into the toughest diet you can find.
This is a common mistake. Many people decide in a moment of desperation to follow a super-strict diet and fail. Don’t rush into a diet that may be too strict for you. If you don’t have any dieting experience and are not 100 percent sure you can stick with the diet, then choose something else.

2. Don’t lose touch with reality.
You can’t realistically expect things to happen over night. When choosing your goal, start small, but be prepared to go far. If you hear someone saying that he lost a large number of pounds in a short time, don’t make it your goal to match his performance. Diet results are different from one person to another.

3. Don’t go to the gym too often
Another common mistake is to use the enthusiasm of the first days to hit the gym every day. This won’t help you at all. Your body needs time to heal and expand the muscle mass after each training session and going to the gym every day interferes with this natural process. Besides, a week of non-stop training could never offset ten or twenty years of couch potato lifestyle.

4. Don’t get hard on calories.
We all know that cutting down on calories is one of the building blocks of all diets, but you have to be careful about it. Cut down on too many calories and your body will start storing anything it possibly can. This is not a good way to lose weight.

5. Don’t skip meals.
Some people think that skipping one or two meals could help them lose weight faster. They don’t understand that dieting is all about eating the right food and not starving yourself.

6. Don’t check the bathroom scales everyday.
Everybody is eager to see the confirmation of his or her efforts in the shape of lost pounds, but you should not let this drive you to checking your weight everyday. The daily fluctuations of your weight will soon have you depressed and ready to quit dieting. And this is something you want to avoid.

7. Don’t let emotions drive you.
Aside from the eagerness that drives people to check their weight every day, there are other emotions that influence dieting. If you know you’re used to reaching out for ice-cream or snacks when you are bored, frustrated or angry, then you should deal with these issues and not allow them to come between you and your purpose.

8. Don’t refuse to seek help.
Not everyone was born with iron will and nerves of steel. If you need advice or help, don’t hesitate to ask it from your friends or from professionals. Don’t try to solve all problems by yourself.

9. Don’t deny yourself your favourite foods.
Treats are a great way of raising your willpower and determination. Diets are just food control methods, not prisons. So what if you eat something forbidden once in a while, especially if that food is a favourite of yours? If such treats are not frequent, then they will make no difference in the long run.

10. Don’t rely on your willpower alone
Use your head as well. If you wish to know how much you eat, then write everything down and analyze the list for things that should not be there. Sometimes hunger creeps up on you and make you eat something you shouldn’t. Be honest with yourself and keep a clear head.

Missed a few days!

I have missed posting for a few days because Google thought I wasn´t a real person and made me prove it 8)

Anyway, all should be OK now so I can get back to reporting my progress.

Last week I bought some Laxative Tea - I live in Spain and you can buy this stuff everywhere! Well, the instructions say to have a cup at breakfast time and one at night. The first time I tried it I just took the one at night, thinking I would be nice and cleaned out the next morning and would weigh myself right after. That worked and according to my scales I had lost half a kilo (or 1 lb) overnight. Great!! So I thought I would have another go at the tea that night as well..............big mistake!! I spent all the next day in agony with stomach cramps - only good thing was I didn´t feel much like!! Needless to say I will be a bit more careful of having this ***!! tea again.

Anyway, the Hoodia Pills are working great. I don´t feel hungry and have much more energy than I had a few weeks ago.

My current goal is to lose 5 kilos (11 lbs) before the wedding. I can´t believe how easy it is with the Hoodia Pills. Where have they been all my life....hahahaha!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Inspiration for Dieters!

After writing that last long post I had to go and lie!!

So today I am going to share an article with you about Hoodia Gordonii.

"The Secret about Hoodia "

Introducing a plant from South Africa that has the weight-loss crowd thrilled. Is this the thing that could help millions of overweight people display bodies to die for? Maybe, just maybe, this is the magic pill we've all been waiting for.

Let’s face it, the onslaught of fashion magazines and shows has drummed the perfect shape of a fit body into everybody’s brains. We all know how we’re supposed to look like to be attractive and to give off that “carefree success” look. What we did not know is that the next big thing in dieting comes from South Africa

From the sandy expanses of the Kalahari Desert intrepid businessmen bring a cactus called Hoodia. Weight loss experts are already excited over the avenues opened by this plant that curbs hunger.

For hundreds of years the Kalahari bushmen have been eating Hoodia to keep hunger at bay during long hunting trips and in times of drought. And now millions of people living in industrialized countries are about to join them, as Hoodia-based pills are made available in the USA. However, for all the glittering promise of a better tomorrow, Hoodia is still somewhat of a problem. First, no scientific tests have been conducted on humans to check the effects of this plant. We know it works for the bushmen, but will it work for everybody just as well and without side effects?

People high and low, from Hollywood stars to high-powered entertainment staffers to the common man, everybody is willing to overlook the lack of official studies and have a go at Hoodia. Many people have been fighting excess weight all their lives and are interested in anything that promises fast and effective weight loss.

One of the latest and most effective drugs launched on the weight loss market is the ProShape rx. Does it have the amazing Hoodia among its ingredients? You bet! This new pill may well prove to be a ray of hope for overweight people looking to improve their looks and health by shedding those extra pounds. If Hoodia is really the magic plant all overweight people are waiting for, then ProShape rx is one of the best choices around.

My Oldest Son is getting Married!

Horrors!! My oldest son is getting married and I am fat :(

It´s the first wedding in our family and I really have to look good for this but what am I going to do?

Well, this was the situation last year - I had 8 months notice, surely I could lose all my excess weight before the wedding. No problem, I decided, and got started on yet another diet. But that was November........and then along came Christmas!

Not to worry, I told myself, I´ll still have more than 6 months after Christmas to lose the weight. So I enjoyed my Christmas and put on a few pounds more :)

The New Year dawned and resolutions were firmly made. My husband is a chef (therein lies the major problem!) and is very supportive when I go on a diet. He produced low fat healthy meals for me and I ate them without the guilty conscience. Things were going well and I was losing weight and starting to feel good.

But of course, life can´t be that easy. At the end of Febuary I pulled a muscle in my back and was in a lot of pain for over a month. I went to a chiropractor who sorted it out for me, but in the meantime I was feeling very sorry for myself - I a really bad patient! I lost myself in comfort foods and pigged out on chocolate :o)

One month later I was fairly bursting out of my clothes and feeling like a fat pig! Now it was the end of March, less than 4 months to the wedding and I was fatter than I had been in November.......disaster!!

Well, I had seen all these ads and read all the SPAM emails about Hoodia Gordonii Pills and laughed them off - I have been on the vicious diet cycle most of my life and couldn´t believe it could be that easy. But I was desperate!! I ordered a supply of Hoodia Pills from ProshapeRx and prepared myself for failure yet again.

The pills arrived and I got stuck in, read the instructions and started on my "New Diet". I also got a free membership to O-Vital, a health & fitness website (worth $35!) which has been a great help along the way.

Well, it was unbelievable......I took the pills before my meals and I wasn´t eating half as much food as I used to. In fact, I wasn´t even feeling hungry enough to have lunch during the day sometimes! It was amazing!! Within a week I was losing weight, feeling healthier, and not even feeling hungry. It was just as easy as they had promised it would be.

I have been taking the ProshapeRx Hoodia Gordonii for 7 weeks now and have lost an incredible 10 Kilos, or 22 lbs. I have more energy and am doing a lot more energetic stuff, which is also helping me trim down.

Things are looking better now, and I will be able to stand proudly watching my son get married to his lovely bride, with more confidence.......and a nice outfit instead of a bin!!

Well, that´s the story so far. I will keep this blog updated with my progress and also some helpful tips and articles about ProshapeRx and losing weight.