Saturday, June 24, 2006

Oh my aching head!!

It seemed like a good idea at the time. It was the yearly "Noche San Juan" celebration last night. The traditional way to celebrate Noche San Juan is to go to the beach, have a barbeque and a few drinks and stay on the beach all night. At midnight you are supposed to walk backwards into the sea and let 3 waves wash over you to wash away bad luck, then you turn around and let 5 waves wash over you to bring good luck, then you fall into the water and have a bit of a swim.

Well, as we live inland we decided to walk backwards into the pool instead........that was the plan. So we chilled a couple of bottles of wine and prepared a bonfire (Norwegian Tradition is to light a bonfire on this night). Our neighbour was a bit worried about the fire bit.......hasn´t been much rain here lately and one spark could do a lot of damage!!

Anyway, it ended up we had some wine, got a bit merry, frolicked in the pool a bit then decided to skip the bbq and go to the Chinese/Japanese/Thai restaurant instead. So I rang a taxi and in my very best Spanish accent gave directions to the house. He said he would be 20 minutes. So we waited and waited......and waited some more. Taxi never came so we decided to walk up the road hoping to meet him on the way down. We never did! And by the time we made it up to the restaurant the kitchen was closed.

Oh well, we said ;) We´ll just have to walk on up to town and find a bar. But this has been a very stressful week for me and I was beginning to feel the effects of it all - I just wanted to put my head down somewhere and go to sleep. We couldn´t get a taxi to get back home again!! So I decided I was going to lie down and go to poor hubby has a lot to put up with, bless him!

We eventually got a barman to gat a taxi for us and got home. And I am paying big time today for having too much wine and no food. We definitely should have stuck to our original plan and stayed home for the night!

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