Friday, June 30, 2006

When I think of all the effort I have put over the years..........

..............just to lose a few pounds!!

And now it is so easy. Now I really envy the younger generation. They will never have to worry about going on starvation diets again.

I was very sceptical about taking the Hoodia Pills and really didn´t think they would work. After all, I have been round the diet block a lot of times in my life!! You lose - you gain. It was a never ending battle. But now I just take a couple of pills a day and drink plenty of water and the weight is coming off with no effort.

If you are thinking of trying Hoodia and are not sure if it will work......don´t wait any longer! Try it today - you will NOT be disappointed.

I still allow myself treats. I can keep some chocolate in the fridge for those "special occasions" when the urge is too strong to resist. But I don´t find myself standing in the kitchen wondering if there is "something nice" to have with my coffee. I am just not hungry enough to think about it.

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