Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cool Weather = More Food...............

Hot Weather = Less Food.

And unfortunately today we are having a cloudy day, I´m not in the best of humours and I want to comfort eat! I´m not hungry at all I just want to have "comfort food". So I´m going to shake myself, get up from this computer and get outside for a bit.

It´s just as well the Hoodia Pills take away the hunger because I know for a fact that if I wasn´t taking them I would be in the kitchen now making a cup of coffee and searching for my "emergency biscuits"

So I don´t have much more to talk about right is boring sometimes, especially when we´re only a few weeks away from the big event (son´s wedding) and have to save like mad to make sure we have a great holiday.

Talk tomorrow.........

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