Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy to see a steady loss.

After having a bad week (grieving for our poor cat) I got back on track and stepped up my workout program at the gym. I added some extra weight on some of the machines and speeded up on the walking machine. I also started using the cross trainer and am going to try to build up to about 20 minutes on it, replacing some of the time I do on the walking machine.

Today I weighed in at 97.2 and am just about back to my pre-birthday-and-christmas weight. My determination is back......yeah!!!!!!

I am allowing myself a daily treat of 1 square of dark chocolate - the higher the cocoa content the better. It works as an anit-oxidant as well as taking care of those chocolate cravings! And another surprise I got was finding some Irish Sausages in the freezer.....bliss!! Spanish sausages are just not the same.

So I am starting this week on a high and hope that next weeks report will be just as good as this one.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When life sucks.....

Our beautiful kitten Susi went missing on Sunday night and when she wasn´t back on Monday morning I knew something was wrong. She had been hit by a car and I found her by the side of the road. This is the second cat we have lost this way in less than a year. The loss is hard to take and I am considering whether it is worth it or not to get a new kitten and hope it is a bit more afraid of the road.

This led to a real test of my willpower yesterday as I was so sad I just wanted to cuddle up on the settee and comfort eat. I did well most of the day by keeping busy (I work freelance as a website designer), but I succumbed to temptation later in the day - waffles!

If we get another kitten we will probably go to one of the animal shelters and pick one out from there. We had rescued Susi from the vet as she was going to be put down, and out last cat Pinky was rescued also. There was a woman giving away kittens at La Trocha Sunday Market and we picked him out. He was killed on the road in September last year.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

One week in........

Now that we are one week into 2009 I am really getting back into some kind of routine! I´ve managed to get to the Gym three times this week and have stuck to my diet fairly well. Here´s how I got on this week.

I started on Monday at 100.3 kilos, having put on 3 kilos over Chirstmas (well, for the whole of December actually as my birthday was on 11th and you can´t diet when it´s your birthday month......). I go to the Gym at Aqua Wellness in Coín which opened in November last year. They have all the usual torture machines - but there is also a beautiful Spa area that is included in the membership, with Sauna, Hammam, Roman Therapy and Igloo, along with a swimming pool with a current you can swim against and another pool section with jacuzzi, water massage spouts and relaxing massage beds.

As I am doing some web design work I am spending a lot of time on the computer so I need to work hard when I go to the Gym!!

I weighed in this morning at 98.3 - not bad considering the week I´ve had. I am trying to stick to an Atkins-esque diet with no carbs. I find this the easiest diet I have ever been on and am sorry I didn´t try it years ago!! Having lost 25 kilos in 2008 - my goal for 2009 is to lose another 20 kilos (sounds easy when you say it fast!!).

I keep getting asked to write my diet down, but that´s not feasible as I don´t follow a strict plan. I found early on that I couldn´t face cooked food (that wasn´t toast) first thing in the morning, so I gradually gave up breakfast and started having brunch. I have my cup of tea when I get up but don´t generally eat until around 1pm when I will usually have either an omelette with cheese or cheesy sausages.

As I write more here I will try to give some recipes and tips for sticking to this diet. It gets easier the longer you are on it, and of course when the weight is falling off, you are really encouraged to stick to it!!

Anyway, good luck to all dieters in 2009 :)

Friday, January 02, 2009

Here we go again for 2009!

Here we are at the start of yet another year and a whole new batch of New Year´s Resolutions. This year my resolution is to really keep this blog updated. It has been difficult for the past year as we moved house and are in a kind of No Man´s Land as far as phone and internet are concerned.

Anyway, over the past year I have lost 25 kilos - about 4 stones - and still have more to lose. I am going to try to post at least once a week with my diet tips and maybe add some photos of my progress.

I will start with a photo of me taken early last year when I weighed in at 121 kilos!! Any wonder I look grumpy..............