Friday, May 19, 2006

My Oldest Son is getting Married!

Horrors!! My oldest son is getting married and I am fat :(

It´s the first wedding in our family and I really have to look good for this but what am I going to do?

Well, this was the situation last year - I had 8 months notice, surely I could lose all my excess weight before the wedding. No problem, I decided, and got started on yet another diet. But that was November........and then along came Christmas!

Not to worry, I told myself, I´ll still have more than 6 months after Christmas to lose the weight. So I enjoyed my Christmas and put on a few pounds more :)

The New Year dawned and resolutions were firmly made. My husband is a chef (therein lies the major problem!) and is very supportive when I go on a diet. He produced low fat healthy meals for me and I ate them without the guilty conscience. Things were going well and I was losing weight and starting to feel good.

But of course, life can´t be that easy. At the end of Febuary I pulled a muscle in my back and was in a lot of pain for over a month. I went to a chiropractor who sorted it out for me, but in the meantime I was feeling very sorry for myself - I a really bad patient! I lost myself in comfort foods and pigged out on chocolate :o)

One month later I was fairly bursting out of my clothes and feeling like a fat pig! Now it was the end of March, less than 4 months to the wedding and I was fatter than I had been in November.......disaster!!

Well, I had seen all these ads and read all the SPAM emails about Hoodia Gordonii Pills and laughed them off - I have been on the vicious diet cycle most of my life and couldn´t believe it could be that easy. But I was desperate!! I ordered a supply of Hoodia Pills from ProshapeRx and prepared myself for failure yet again.

The pills arrived and I got stuck in, read the instructions and started on my "New Diet". I also got a free membership to O-Vital, a health & fitness website (worth $35!) which has been a great help along the way.

Well, it was unbelievable......I took the pills before my meals and I wasn´t eating half as much food as I used to. In fact, I wasn´t even feeling hungry enough to have lunch during the day sometimes! It was amazing!! Within a week I was losing weight, feeling healthier, and not even feeling hungry. It was just as easy as they had promised it would be.

I have been taking the ProshapeRx Hoodia Gordonii for 7 weeks now and have lost an incredible 10 Kilos, or 22 lbs. I have more energy and am doing a lot more energetic stuff, which is also helping me trim down.

Things are looking better now, and I will be able to stand proudly watching my son get married to his lovely bride, with more confidence.......and a nice outfit instead of a bin!!

Well, that´s the story so far. I will keep this blog updated with my progress and also some helpful tips and articles about ProshapeRx and losing weight.

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