Monday, May 29, 2006

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I found this one on the site where I get my Hoodia Pills - hance the mention of the brand name.

How to recognize a bad diet when you see one

Diets come a dime a dozen and that’s the truth. From food plans based on scientific research, to the latest harebrained idea launched by some “this summer’s wonder” doctor and backed by the earnest efforts of Hollywood stars always on the quest for keeping thin, the world is full of diets. The latest big thing to hit the dieting market is Hoodia Gordonii, an African plant that has the astonishing property of curing hunger pangs. A bit of Hoodia and you can go on without eating for days and be no worse for the wear. It’s amazing things like these that make the dieting world interesting.

What most diets and dieting professionals are good for is to pronounce solemnly “Don’t eat this” or “Don’t eat that”. Talk being extremely cheap for the one who does the talking, it can nevertheless be made expensive for those ready to do the hearing. Always be careful about what diets let you eat and what they don’t. Diet or no diet, your body needs certain nutrients and minerals on a daily basis and any diet that keeps you from getting them is no good. Your mind also needs to blow off steam once in a while. So do yourself a pleasure and eat a forbidden food every now and then. Sure it’s banned, but you are also human and, if such things are kept on a careful check, then they won’t make any difference in the long run.

The second pillar of any good diet is exercise. The only way to lose weight without exercising is by resorting to surgery. Otherwise, fat must be lost the natural way: by using it up through extra effort. Exercising has the combined benefits of burning up fat and strengthening your entire body. On the physical side, the heart and circulatory system are the prime beneficiaries of exercising, with the muscle mass coming in second. On the psychological side, your outlook on life and your mood will improve with the effort. You will also be able to withstand stress and pressure better. With so many benefits, it’s a wonder that many people don’t take the trouble to exercises on a regular basis.

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