Monday, May 29, 2006

It´s just another manic Monday!

I was out for the day yesterday at an International Food Fair. There was food tasting from loads of different countries - so I couldn´t be rude and not try some of that delicious food that had been prepared, now could I??

I had all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff including cow heart skewers with a luminescient green chilli sauce (it was good....really!) to Jamon Serrano to Scottish Shortbread and Pancakes.

Then to end off the day we went to a Mexican Restaurant to eat. I just couldn´t resist the dessert of Banana Taquito with chocolate Icecream....................oh noooooooooooo!!!

So today I am taking it easy and letting the Hoodia Pills do the work of keeping me away from indulging myself too much.

I didn´t weigh myself today for fear of what I would find. So I hope to be pleasantly surprised tomorow...................fingers (and everything else) crossed!! I´m going for a swim now to get some greatly needed exercise.

Till tomorrow.........hasta luego.

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