Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When life sucks.....

Our beautiful kitten Susi went missing on Sunday night and when she wasn´t back on Monday morning I knew something was wrong. She had been hit by a car and I found her by the side of the road. This is the second cat we have lost this way in less than a year. The loss is hard to take and I am considering whether it is worth it or not to get a new kitten and hope it is a bit more afraid of the road.

This led to a real test of my willpower yesterday as I was so sad I just wanted to cuddle up on the settee and comfort eat. I did well most of the day by keeping busy (I work freelance as a website designer), but I succumbed to temptation later in the day - waffles!

If we get another kitten we will probably go to one of the animal shelters and pick one out from there. We had rescued Susi from the vet as she was going to be put down, and out last cat Pinky was rescued also. There was a woman giving away kittens at La Trocha Sunday Market and we picked him out. He was killed on the road in September last year.

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