Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy to see a steady loss.

After having a bad week (grieving for our poor cat) I got back on track and stepped up my workout program at the gym. I added some extra weight on some of the machines and speeded up on the walking machine. I also started using the cross trainer and am going to try to build up to about 20 minutes on it, replacing some of the time I do on the walking machine.

Today I weighed in at 97.2 and am just about back to my pre-birthday-and-christmas weight. My determination is back......yeah!!!!!!

I am allowing myself a daily treat of 1 square of dark chocolate - the higher the cocoa content the better. It works as an anit-oxidant as well as taking care of those chocolate cravings! And another surprise I got was finding some Irish Sausages in the freezer.....bliss!! Spanish sausages are just not the same.

So I am starting this week on a high and hope that next weeks report will be just as good as this one.

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